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In this article, Mary Shaner explores two pieces - Robert Cormier's After the First Death and Peter Dickinson's The Seventh Raven. Both novels look closely at the plight of children as victims of terrorist attacks. Both books also look more deeply at…

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This student essay on We All Fall Down links the title of the novel to the children's rhyme "Ring Around the Rosie" and to each character's sad fate. Thompson looks at Michael Stallings, Jane Jerome, and Buddy Walker as they fell into suicide,…

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This student essay on We All Fall Down compares Buddy and Jane and how each responds to being victimized. The role of family guidance in overcoming adversity factors largely in the comparison. Henerson also considers Jane and Buddy's relationship.

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This student essay on We All Fall Down attributes Buddy's misfortune to fate. His alcoholism is spurred on by his parents' divorce. Harry perverts the lost father figure by encouraging vandalism and alcoholism. Finally, Buddy's break up with Jane…
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