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In this brief review of After the First Death, Jim Haskins, an associate professor of English at the University of Florida, offers his impressions of Robert Cormier's novel. After summarizing the plot broadly, Haskins goes onto compliment Cormier's…

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In this published news story included in The Plain Dealer, author Janice Carter discusses how the events detailed in After the First Death are not too far from fiction. Referring to a conversation with Robert Cormier, she shares how some of the…

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Grover Sales' review of After the First Death for the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle praises the book's treatment of terrorism as above the current trends on the topic. He specifically speaks of patriotism and Ben Marchant's spoiled innocence.

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Clarence E. Olson reviews After the First Death, stating that he will avoid reading Robert Cormier's work in the future, not for a lack of quality writing, but because its use of sustained terror is nerve-wracking and emotive. He writes "Cormier has…
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