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Wiz Letter177.jpg
Wiz (likely Craig Virden) writes with what sounds like a second round of comments on a typescript of Tunes for Bears to Dance To. He speaks at length on the village destruction scene and the role and impact of Henry's father. He also mentions…

Craig Letter180.jpg
This typed two-page letter by Robert Cormier dated 9 Dec 1991 to "Craig" is written line-by-line responses to Craig's editorial questions concerning a draft of Tunes for Bears to Dance To.

Craig Letter 29 Jan 1991195.jpg
In this five-page typewritten letter from Cormier to (who appears to be his editor) Craig, dated 29 Jan 1991, there are pages of line-by-line changes in the manuscript of We All Fall Down. These changes appear to be among the most final, perhaps at…
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