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Silver Lake Rachel Flynn lett038.tif
Rachel shares her enthusiasm for After the First Death and her curiosity regarding points of confusion in the novel, which she hopes he will discuss in a class visit. She mentions the fun the class had producing the newspaper project.

Silver Lake Mrs. Barbara Anti lett049.tif
Mrs. Anti writes of her students' interest and enthusiasm for Robert Cormier's book After the First Death. She invites him to speak to the class, promising a captivated audience, gas mileage, and a school lunch.

Obrien letter001.jpg
In this three-page, handwritten letter by 12-year-old Alyssa O'Brien, the reader is introduced to a thoughtful young woman who has read several of Cormier's books twice or more in the interest of better understanding a book as time goes by. That she…

Hall Alexander Letter225.jpg
In this one-page, typed response to Hall Alexander, dated May 7, 2000, Robert Cormier explains one of the plot knots that Hall had queried him about regarding After the First Death. Cormier inscribes a trail of consistent characters' reactions given…

Hall Alexander Letter223.jpg
This two-page, typed, undated fan letter to Robert Cormier comes from high school student, Hall Alexander of Ottowa, Kansas. Hall is very caught up in We All Fall Down. He has questions about both events and characters and he has opinions, as well.…
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