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Grover Sales' review of After the First Death for the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle praises the book's treatment of terrorism as above the current trends on the topic. He specifically speaks of patriotism and Ben Marchant's spoiled innocence.

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Cindy Ryal's letter to Robert Cormier faded and word-processed, dated 12 May 1989 (and it shares most of its text with a letter to Cormier by Kristy). Cindy asks about After the First Death's characters and plot twists. She ends the letter saying her…

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In his letter to Maura Fabrice, Robert Cormier talks about using The Avenger character in We All Fall Down as a suspense device. He also talks about Buddy and Jane, the inevitability of the last scene, and how "heartbreaking" it was for him to write.…
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