Intensity of the Reading Experience

Virginia Beesley's letter to Robert Cormier

Cindy Ryal's letter to Robert Cormier

Rebecca D. Pace's letter to Robert Cormier


This online article by Michael Ventre, September 13, 2004, is titled "On The Wire Sometimes the Bad Guys Win". Like We All Fall Down, the award-winning and critically acclaimed series seeks to portray complexity, richness of plot and character, and sidesteps easy solutions. 

Critical acclaim for The Wire is detailed as "television literature' in this online article in New York Magazine, by John Leonare, published December 30, 2007 and titled: "Twilight over Baltimore".

Related to the links above, this article, "Stealing Life: The Crusader behind The Wire" in The New Yorker is about The Wire creator, David Simon. The article was written by Margaret Talbot, October 22, 2007.

Intensity of the Reading Experience