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Silver Lake Mrs. Barbara Anti lett049.tif
Mrs. Anti writes of her students' interest and enthusiasm for Robert Cormier's book After the First Death. She invites him to speak to the class, promising a captivated audience, gas mileage, and a school lunch.

Justin Letter243.jpg
In this brief, half-page letter of reply to Justin, Robert Cormier appears to address Justin's questions that may have been posed in his letter to Cormier about Tunes for Bears to Dance To and After the First Death. Cormier relates his purposes in…

Amanda Goetz Letter210.jpg
Amanda Goetz, when she wrote this typewritten letter to Robert Cormier, was a freshman in high school. In this honest and well-written piece of correspondence, she attributes Cormier's novels as the factor that brought her back to reading. She…
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