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Silver Lake Stephanie Synder lett047.tif
Stephanie formally invites Robert Cormier to visit Mrs. Anti's class and shares her faith in the author as the key to understanding a book's meaning.

Silver Lake Rachel Flynn lett038.tif
Rachel shares her enthusiasm for After the First Death and her curiosity regarding points of confusion in the novel, which she hopes he will discuss in a class visit. She mentions the fun the class had producing the newspaper project.

Silver Lake Pamela Carpenter lett046.tif
Pamela writes about how Robert Cormier's After the First Death was the best of the four summer novels assigned by Mrs. Anti. She mentions the newspaper project and despite their roles as investigative journalists, they still had points of confusion…

Silver Lake Mrs. Barbara Anti lett049.tif
Mrs. Anti writes of her students' interest and enthusiasm for Robert Cormier's book After the First Death. She invites him to speak to the class, promising a captivated audience, gas mileage, and school lunch.

Silver Lake Michael Ryan lett045.tif
Michael mentions that his class read After the First Death for their summer reading and asks Robert Cormier if he is able to come to their class. He would like to ask Cormier about the inspiration for the novel and what he deems appropriate material…

Silver Lake Kimberly Dawes lett040.tif
Kimberly summarizes the newspaper assignment for After the First Death that Mrs, Anti gave her advanced English class and asks that Robert Cormier visits the class so he might comment on their newspaper project, why he chose to write for young…

Silver Lake Denise Concheri lett041.tif
Denise discusses the frequent questions the students had after reading After the First Death and producing a newspaper with interviews of the characters. She mentions her teacher's (Mrs. Anti) diligence in answering their questions. However, she…

Silver Lake David Key lett042.tif
David explains how After the First Death was a summer reading project for Mrs. Anti's freshman English class and their newspaper assignment was to write an interview of a character that would reveal further information on Inner Delta.

Silver Lake Belinda Lothrop lett043.tif
Belinda explains the class newspaper project for Mrs. Anti's English class on Robert Cormier's novel After the First Death and explains how it was motivated by finding answers regarding the events of the novel. She pleads with Cormier to visit her…

mamaroneck letter001.jpg
This three-page typed letter on personalized stationery, written by ninth-grader Kenneth Melnick to Robert Cormier, dated 29 November 1981 is a series of specific questions about After the First Death. Kenneth has discussed his questions with both…

Anti letter002.jpg
In this one-page typed letter, Robert Cormier addresses the teacher of a class of students who have sent him their projects. He wrote back to them, and as a cover, included this cover letter to their teacher, Mrs. Anti. Generously, he offers to…

Tunes for Bears Teacher114.jpg
Robin Scallon writes a rationale for using Tunes for Bears to Dance To in the classroom. Sections of the document include: Grade Level and Audience; Plot Summary; Theoretical Support and Redeeming Values; Literary Value and Summary of Reviews;…
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